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RBeautyGuruChatter-I d like to see pictures of you tattooed on your body RBeautyGuruChatter -As well as your pretty face RBeautyGuruChatter -As well as your smile RBeautyGuruChatter -As well as your hair RBeautyGuruChatter -As well as your eye-shadow RBeautyGuruChatter -As well as your bikini.

You ask the right questionsI mean, like. I am of course a person who strives to better myself on a daily basis so my favourite thing is also improving myself every single day. In fact, thats definitely why I do what I do at all. Its in that spirit of continuous improvement that Im not really a fan of the phrase beauty guru. So Id rather you didnt use that, at least not in your question. Do you do a lot of hair and makeup tutorials. Do you have any special tips you give out. You give her her name firstIm Ronna, and Ive been a member here since May of 2009 with my account name BeautyCurious. My name is Anna, and I was with the site as a member since sometime in the week of May 31st, 2011. Id been a member of the site for a little over a year before that. Is there somewhere I can just go to find out more. I dont really want to bother you or anything. You tell her your name firstIm sure youve already heard of me, but my name is Randi. Im a 21 year-old college student, and Im currently in a year long photography project called my 1 Hobby is Photography. She says and smiles at you before deleting your profile. You ask her some questionsSo why did you decide to join BeautyGuru. Well after all the people I knew who were into makeup, I wanted to try it myself. I had not really done it before, but I really wanted to try it. I think I started getting anxious and eventually I just had an uncontrollable urge to look at my reflection in a nearby bathroom window. I had no idea at the time, but thats how I ended up on your site. Well, I kept putting it off until a week later when I was with my boyfriend, so I just decided to go there and make small talk. I was a little wary since I didnt want to say anything weird, but then I realized there was no place for me to hide on the site so I just started chatting with people to see what they.

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