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RbeautyGuru: raises hand Hi my name is Ryan and Ive been on this wonderful journey to learn about all things beauty. You need to relax and take the day off from work, but you know you dont want to just leave, you need support. You go see your MomYou think about asking your Mom to watch over you while you go out of town to explore, but you know theres no point to that at the moment. You walk into your Parents room and knock on the door. You DadYou open the door and your Dad answers the door. He then quickly shuts the door and you both sit on the edge of the bed and start looking at the photos you took of each other over the years. After you both look at one another for a few minutes, Dad says Were going to your friend Jessicas house over the weekend, lets go spend some time together. He then puts his arm around you and makes a kissy face at you. You cant help but smile back at him. When your Mother comes home, she gets immediately angry at Dad and screams at him. He looks at her in shock as she starts to get physical. You and Dad both look at each other thinking that this is something really ridiculous, but then Mom takes Dads hand and hugs him tightly. Were just going on a trip thats going to involve being together all day with no adult around. But he didnt tell us anything. I was going to tell you this time, but I think youre ready for some firsts right now. He says and then starts rubbing your back. She starts to say as Dad reaches around her and places his warm and wet lips on hers. Mom turns to you and your Dad and whispers into your ear, My baby is ready for some firsts. You turn your head and look at her as Dad stands over her, with his hand on her hip. You then turn back to Dad and kiss her back. You mom hugs youMom hugs you and kisses you.

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