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There are a few people I can only assume are raven haired beautiful ladies, but at this point this comics been on the internet for a month and Im still not done. And Im sorry, but this is starting to get weird. Theres a few pages and I could probably do this. Ive never read anything by these people. I dont know what else to do, so Im going to start reading. I just hope theyve done a good job of editing this. I look to the right, and then I look to the left, and then I look in the middle of the page. I keep looking because Im starting to feel a sense of uneasiness. I feel like somebodys about to poke me in the eye. I look back at the top of the page, and I cant help but wonder why Im doing that. I dont see the name of this comic, but I do see their initials and a random number. I sit down on the edge of my couch and turn the TV on. Its like they never learned anything from last time. Go find these guys naked and ask them if I can borrow their computers because they have no idea how popular they are. You turn on the tvI turn on the TV and turn it to the channel my mom has it set to. The radio seems to be playing the same song over and over again. I try to keep myself preoccupied, but I cant help but stare at the screen of my computer every so often. I look up and see my mom sitting next to me typing at her desk. She always did spend way too much time around here. Im bored, but its not so bad since there is nothing else to do. I look over to my right and see my sister sitting in her chair. Ive never gone through with this plan to talk to her.

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