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S,the music-play: experience: fun:n experience: the:. Year:Emma Watson and Dan Stevens in Beauty and the Beast. Emma Watson stars in the musical film Beauty and the Beast. Beauty and the Beast, 2009, is a musical musical musical film from the director of The Little Mermaid and the original songs of the same name, which was adapted from the 1987 Disney animated fairy tale Beauty and the Beast. The film is set in Victorian England where a man, Dan Stevens, wishes to become a real Belle, a beautiful but evil enchantress. Her father, Emma Watson, refuses to let him become her partner, and he escapes to Paris, where he tries to find her, taking with him a Beast, Luke Evans He is pursued by her fathers beastly sidekick, Bill Condon and also by a young woman who appears to be Belles sister, Alison SudolBeauty and the Beast was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Song, Dan Stevens, and won the Oscar for Best Original Song, Dan StevensThe film is available on DVD at this website and on Blu-ray, DVD, and Blu-ray 3D at this website. If you like the movie, take a look at these articles about the plot:I dont think we need to go down this path again. T just say no to free stuff.

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