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Now that you have all the information you need, you can decide if its worth posting or not. You dont post the photosYou dont post the photos and you dont bother to rate the celebrities or allow others to do it. You just delete the app from your phone. A week passes and you still have not posted this information to the world. In fact you feel its more useful to just delete it all at this point. You dont want to give anyone access to this information in the first place so you shouldve kept it to yourself. A month passes and youre still waiting for this information to flood in. Youve deleted everything about yourself you were going to post and put the information on you website for other to find. You try to block your internet provider for a bit, but its always relogged. By this time you just accept that you wont be posting the info to the world and you dont bother rating anybody. Most of your information is in the first few images anyway and you havent been able to see anything remotely interesting to rate since you found out how to use this app. A year passes and youve finally posted everything. You have a Facebook and a LinkedIn page, though youre not exactly sure what to write on them. The worst thing is, you cant seem to delete this information at all. Its stuck with you and youve never been able to get rid of it. You enter the elevator which opens up to a dimly lit hallway. You leave the information in the elevatorYou leave the information in the elevator and head towards the elevator buttons. You press the elevator buttonsYou press the elevator buttons and the elevator doors open. The elevator ride continues up until it reaches maximum capacity. You enterYou enter the room, looking around you find a number of things which might be useful. You take the laptopYou take the laptop and place it in a safe place. You take a shower and get rid of all your clothes and make a bed. When you go to sleep you try to ignore the feeling that youre in a dream world and focus purely on yourself and your own thoughts. You awakeYou wake up from a dream of your own. You wake up from a dream of your own.

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