Rapper iLoveMemphis Faces Multiple Charges After Arrest at Miami Block Party

When being asked to cooperate with the police, the ‘Hit the Quan’ rapper allegedly refuses to do so and proceeds to insult a cop by calling names, such as ‘p***y a**’ and an ‘immigrant.’

AceShowbiz -iLoveMemphis, also known as iHeartMemphis, came to a party to have fun, but it appeared that he took it way too far. The “Hit the Quan” rapper is facing multiple charges after he got arrested on Saturday, May 7 at a Miami block party.

Before the “Lean and Dabb” rapper was arrested, the cops came to the location of the party following to a report that a house was throwing a bash with 50 people in it. It was claimed that bottles were also being thrown to passing cars.

According to a police report, which was acquired by TMZ, shirtless Memphis welcomed the cops when they first arrived to the scene. The rapper was described as being drunk, reeking of booze and slurring his speech. When being asked to cooperate with the police, he refused.

Police stated that they repeatedly asked the 29-year-old rapper to identify himself with his first and late name. They also requested him to share his date of birth. When he failed to do so, the officers tried to take him into custody.

The police report further noted that when they wanted to place Memphis into restraints, he resisted by stiffening his arms. His action made it difficult for the police to put the handcuffs on. In addition, he tensed his upper body part and screamed when officers tried to put him inside the cop car.

Elsewhere in the report, it was mentioned that after the rapper finally got inside the car, he reportedly insulted one cop by calling names, such as “p***y a**” and an “immigrant.” When he arrived at the police station, he was booked for multiple violations, including resisting arrest and disorderly intoxication.

Memphis’ camp has yet to offer any comments regarding the “Left Foot, Right Foot (#HandsUpAnthem)” rapper’s arrest. He himself has also yet to address the situation on any of his social media platforms.

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