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Rainbow Beauty supplies is the best we haveYou leave the store and realize what your mother just said. You dont know why you cant just give into the temptation and grab a few of those rainbow beauty supplies. This world needs to be saved and you cant let yourself be an accessory to a world that isnt worth saving. Youre not sure that youll ever make it and youll regret this the rest of your life, but you feel a lot better just knowing that you dont want to be a statistic today. You never liked a lot of what your parents said when they did their best to keep you from following in your older sisters footsteps, but maybe you can do this. You will not partake in any kind of illegal activityYoull do it the only way youre going to do it. Youll do it the only way youre going to do it. Youre sitting in your moms living room. Youre not sure how you got there, but youre sure that you know how you got there. Youre sitting in Moms living room, where you got lost last night. The house has a certain smell and the place is a far cry from the house that you left when you were ten. Youve been here for quite some time now and you cant even remember why you got into trouble last night. You went out of your house and got drunk and then lost. You even had to go out in the first place because you werent sure how to get home, and you were afraid you wouldnt be able to hold it in. If nothing else, youve gotten your mom to at least let you stay in for free. But you cant stay over or youll get a bad report card. So youre not sure why youre here. Youve been doing your best to forget about last night, so why are you even here. Why are you looking at Mom in the living room. No, you realize its night, but the suns not out. Maybe you should find a way to get home before it gets too dark so you can get up and get a better nights rest.

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