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You go for the Radha reviewOh dear god, were all going to die, why are you even telling me this. You head off to Radha review site with the intention of reading her reviews. You click on the first one, which is the Radha Beauty review titled Vitamin C Serum with Radha Beauty Rating 9. You open the review, and get to the part where Radha asks for some product recommendations. I really like this serum, but since Im in a hurry and havent had time to do much research, Ive bought the cheapest brand of vitamin C serum for face in the shops and I think this will work as well, maybe even better. You decide to put Radha Beautys reviews off for a bit. You go back to your other review, and click on the next one. After reading Radhas review, you decide you still trust her. You read through the Radha Beautys review, and see some very good qualities. Her skin seems to be glowing and she isnt getting breakouts all over her face. You also notice she mentions shes not getting a sunburn with this serum. Rumi Beautys skin seems to be even younger than yours, since you are getting the bright pink color as she mentions. You then notice that she mentions she uses this vitamin C serum to treat her psoriasis. Its been so long since youve tried that vitamin C serum you wonder if you should actually buy it. You begin to use the serum, and start to notice that your skin is glowing. In an instant your breakouts are gone, and you arent getting sunburns or burning anymore. You also notice your skin starts to look more youthful. Maybe its because youre using it on skin you dont usually put product on, but it seems to make you skin look even younger looking, even though you are getting the glowy red color of the serum. You continue to use the serum, because you are so curious of how it will help you get younger looking skin. You get so curious you start to take pictures of your skin, and then you start to compare them with your parents pictures. You notice a difference in your skin right away, and as you continue using the serum, the difference is definitely noticeable. You start to wonder if you should continue or stop using this serum. This all feels so dangerous, you should stop, but who are you to even think that. You dont know if Radha is making up her review on this vitamin C serum, so you really need to know how much of it is actually in here.

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