Rachel Riley declares her disgust for Putin as nuclear threats loom

Putin's advisor Sergei Markov warns Russia is ready to 'nuke' UK

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Rachel Riley, 36, was incensed when she heard that Vladimir Putin had made fresh threats of a nuclear war. The Russian leader warned today that he would use all options at his disposal to protect Russia’s “territorial integrity”. 

If its territorial integrity is threatened, Russia will use all the means at its disposal.. this is not a bluff!

Vladimir Putin

She made no secret of her dislike of Putin when she told her 692,800 Twitter followers in no uncertain terms: “Forever rot.”

She reposted a tweet by Max Seddon, the Moscow Bureau Chief at the Financial Times, which had announced: “Putin is finally speaking.

“To defend the country and the people, we will use all the means at our disposal.'”

Rachel, who has been in opposition to the Ukraine war, reacted to the news by urging him to “rot”.

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It has been estimated that there are currently up to 190,000 Russians fighting on Ukrainian soil, but Putin is keen to increase that number and, in an impassioned televised speech, urged more of his citizens to join the war.

“Referendums” held in parts of Ukraine occupied by Russian forces seem to indicate that the majority of the population would like their area to become part of Russia.

However the vote is led and controlled by the Kremlin, and few outsiders believe that the results will be real.

Putin has insisted he is saving Ukrainians, claiming: “Russia can’t give up people close to her to be torn apart by executioners and fail to respond to their desire to determine their own fate.”

He then added: “If its territorial integrity is threatened, Russia will use all the means at its disposal.”

Prompting rising fears that Putin will unleash nuclear weapons, he added: “This is not a bluff.”

The dictator also claimed during his speech that the West aims to “weaken, divide and destroy Russia” and that the country must defend itself.

US President Joe Biden condemned his call to action as “outrageous”.


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“This war is about extinguishing Ukraine’s right to exist as a state, plain and simple,” he exclaimed, before adding: “That should make your blood run cold.”

Meanwhile, on Twitter, some of Rachel’s followers joined the debate, astonished at Putin’s claims that he was defending his country.

“Defend??? I wasn’t aware Russia was under attack,” @HarnessEnergy1 exclaimed.

@BWSConsulting added: “The best hope for peace is that this will make the Russian people realise that they will need to overthrow #Putin to stop them being used as cannon fodder.”

@trelawney20 chimed in: “What is he defending his country from? Sounds like his country needs defending from him !!!!”

Rachel and her Russian-born husband, the Strictly Come Dancing star Pasha Kovalev, are both horrified about the war.

She has previously worn an outfit bearing the colours of the Ukrainian flag to raise money for charitable donations for the war.

Meanwhile, Pasha lamented on Instagram that “the current situation in Ukraine hits too close to home”.

“[My] passport may say one thing but [my heart is] with family, friends and everyone still in Ukraine that are fighting for freedom and lives,” he declared.

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