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The letter finishes as you were reading it, and you dont have enough air to put it down before you close the door. You think about Annas words and their relationship to you, how you always knew that she felt those way towards you, and how she was only making those feelings real. She might have been wrong, but you couldnt ever accuse her of deception, and its not like you never doubted how you felt towards her either. She gave you a chance to be in this relationship, and if it didnt work out, you were never going to feel like it was a failure. Well, maybe it was a failure to you, but the world was in a better place without the undead, so you could at least say you tried. And maybe even now, by reading her letter, you feel the same way. You look at it now, you think you might actually get back with her, maybe with a little hesitation, you look at the letter on your desk; you had to be drunk when you wrote it. If you were sober, you probably wouldnt have felt the urge to write it. Maybe with wine or something, you might actually have even been able to finish it. The letter was a good way to go on your trip, maybe you can finally make it work out, with a little more effort. You look at your phone, where youve still got a missed call from Anna. Youll have to call her sometime tonight or tomorrow morning, you really need to let her know what you think about her. You grab your bag and head back downstairs. You leave the basement and head out the front door while wondering who you should talk to. You walk around the city, and eventually realize that you dont really know anything about what it looks like outside, youve never actually been to the other side of the city. As you walk through one street, you see a car in the middle of it. You hear three voices shout which sound a bit like each other.

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