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The bookthe movie is a romanticized version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame starring Brad Pitt as a fairy tale monster hunter. This one is from a fairy tale collection written in 1905 by German writer Heinrich von Kleist. The original story is about a boy named Wilfred who goes on an epic journey across a medieval fantasy land called Dernd. During his journey, Wilfred stumbles across a group of dwarves and a wizard who are trying to flee a dragon named Belmod. The dwarves manage to take Wilfreds horse and escape to the nearest valley. Kobur, and the dwarves and wizard are the only survivors of his village. Its from a collection of childrens tales called The Little Match Girl, an early tale about fairies, written in the late 1500s by a German author named Johann Jakob von Wadmarsh. This tale of a little match girl, the daughter of fairy-tale monsters, is also called a fairy tale today, mainly because its a popular one. The Little Match Girl was adapted into a Disney movie in 1962 and is not, by any stretch of the imagination, a fairy tale. You ask, not feeling sure what to do in these new circumstances. There are no fairy tales that I know of that fit my description. Well, that makes one of two conclusions, Mrs. Its either a fairy tale, or its something entirely different. Thats not true, Lady Bright says. My family has been telling them for centuries, and thats not even counting the oral histories passed on through the generations. Folktales and fairy tales date back thousands of years, and every species on the planet is familiar with them. Wait a minute, youre saying that fairies dont exist.

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