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T say that the following sentences will not help you in your quest for success. Total Quotes : 20 You take the book and read the first few sentences. The most powerful people are those who control others through fear and intimidation. These people are masters of using their willpower to get what they desire and their intelligence to avoid pain or even thinking about the opposite desires of others. These people are also masters of manipulation, and as such they can convince others into doing whatever they want them to do. The most powerful people are the ones who can lead others. What if they were too lazy or too afraid to take a more active role. What if they cared too much about someone else. What if they felt guilty or were ashamed of their weaknesses. The most powerful people see their fears, and they use them to control those who are less powerful than them. Successful people are those that are in control of the situation and those that are in control of the situation are always successful. T usually feel like that, and people who behave that way are rarely successful. A man is only as strong as his willingness to win; the more readily he accepts defeat the stronger he will be for the fight ahead. Those who lack it are easy pickings for the stronger competitors, but if they really want to test themselves, they need only enter a barroom fight. There they can prove their mettle to each other and prove to others that they are not weak. A person who has never made a mistake is a person who never tried anything new.

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