‘Queer Eye’: How Much Is a Haircut by Jonathan Van Ness?

Jonathan Van Ness offers haircuts with a side of inspiration to local heroes. With a positive attitude (and a knack for styling,) some Queer Eye fans wonder if they, too, can get a fresh cut from JVN. The answer to that is yes. 

Where does Van Ness cut hair when he’s not working on Netflix’s original series, Queer Eye? Here’s what we know about this grooming expert. 

Jonathan Van Ness appears as the grooming expert on Netflix’s ‘Queer Eye’

Van Ness loves Game of Thrones, figure skating, and flossing. Throughout Netflix’s Queer Eye, this host appeared as a Fab Five member, offering makeup tips, skincare tricks, and even giving haircuts to some local heroes. Van Ness is a licensed hairstylist, leaving some fans wanting their own JVN original hairdo. 

“When I was younger, I felt weird charging people to do something I loved and was passionate about, so I used to do a lot of freebies for friends. But that wasn’t sustainable,” Van Ness said during an interview with Wealthsimple Magazine. “Now, my mom is the only person I don’t charge.”

Does Jonathan Van Ness cut hair outside of his appearance on ‘Queer Eye’?

There are a few ways to get a Van Ness haircut besides appearing on Netflix’s original series. Before Queer Eye released season 6, the stylist hosted his pop-up hair salon at Art Basel in Miami, posting about the experience on social media. 

Between working on his podcast and hanging out with his cats, Van Ness is still cutting hair at MojoHair in Los Angeles. According to The List, “with more than 10 years of experience doing hair on and off-screen, Van Ness currently charges $250 for a cut.”

However, there are a few other ways to get some of Van Ness’ tips and tricks without actually getting a haircut. This expert creates hair tutorials on his YouTube Channel. Van Ness also released his own line of hair products, available at retailers like Amazon.

Jonathan Van Ness stars in the Netflix original series ‘Getting Curious With Jonathan Van Ness’

In between advocating for beard oil and SPF, Van Ness made time to explore other avenues of interest. He started his ice skating journey, sharing his process on social media and manifesting an appearance at the Beijing Olympics. Van Ness is also a huge fan of gymnastics, sometimes showcasing his new flips and encouraging others to pursue their passions.

It’s this curiosity that sparked the podcast series Getting Curious. In it, the celebrity asked questions to experts in every field, learning more about the medical field, government processes, and everything in between.

Now, Van Ness appears in his own Netflix series, Getting Curious With Jonathan Van Ness, which premiered in January 2022. The series is produced by RuPaul’s Drag Race studio and LGBTQ media powerhouse World of Wonder.

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