Queen Elizabeth II Jokes During Cake Cutting on Eve of Platinum Jubilee

Queen Elizabeth II is as sharp as ever — this despite laying low publicly due to health concerns — and she put her famous wit on full display on the eve of a big day.

QE2 was on hand Saturday at her countryside Sandringham Estate with some notable guests, who were there to hang out and watch Her Majesty cut a cake that was done up to celebrate a major anniversary that’s happening on Sunday … namely, her Platinum Jubilee.

It marks 70 years since her ascension to the throne on Feb. 6. 1952 … so it’s a helluva milestone for Liz and the monarchy at large. To usher in the moment, the Queen was given the honors to slice up her own cake — and per usual, she let the jokes fly.

Check it out … Queen Elizabeth is brought over to the table where the cake’s at, and is then told it’s upside down in her direction — so that the press could see it and get a good shot.

In classic royal timing, QE2 fires back … “So they can see. I don’t matter?” That got a big laugh from just about everyone in the room. But, Lizzie wasn’t done quipping just yet!

She made the initial cut into the pastry, and seemed pleased that it went in easy — but it doesn’t sound like she was too keen on finishing the job and dishing out pieces for everyone. She is the freakin’ Queen after all … and she let everyone know by asking that someone else do the deed.

A couple things to note about this — Queen Elizabeth seems to be in great spirits, and more importantly … appears relatively healthy too. Her well-being has been in question of late due to her having to skip a number of events and engagements she’d been scheduled to attend in person.

This, of course, was all on the advice of doctors … but it seems she’s doing quite alright for one of the most remarkable times in her life. As they say — God save the Queen!

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