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The Masters of Modern-Drama list has become an unofficial black list by the industry, according to Hollywood Reporters annual Worst-Dressed list. The list is compiled by editors of Hollywood Reporter and features men who wore the dressiest outfits and who wore the most expensive shirts. The list was compiled based on the magazines archives, Hollywoods gossip columnists or the blogs of industry insiders, each of whom were provided with the same list of names. 9,000 a week:The Masters of Modern-Drama list may get more attention than the Oscars ceremony. But is it the way we look at our race and gender that is changing. For every Oscar, we are more aware of the gender and race disparity, but this list looks at the racial inequality. We see all of this, but the fact that there is such a blatant example of it is really shocking on so many different levels. So as a society we are beginning to wake up to these issues and understand and acknowledge the issues.

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