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By Tom DeignanFor more than two decades, the state-of-the-art West Palm Beach Airport has been the premier departure point for anyone seeking to fly between the United States mainland and any island in the Caribbean. The airport, once a former Army base, has had no shortage of trouble. It was badly damaged in Hurricane Andrew in 1992 and the runway is currently unusable. For two years, airport officials have been looking for a buyer to save the facility from being torn down. 3 billion to the owners of an existing airport near Orlando. The owner, Orlando-based GateAir, would take control of the entire airport, including the land, and transform it into Orlando International Airport. The airport could remain open, but its future remains in doubt. Rick Scott said the deal struck by his staff with Orlando-based GateAir would have a devastating impact on Palm Beach County businesses and jobs. Scott on Sunday offered the public support from state agencies as the airport process moves forward. We will continue to work closely with state agencies as this process moves forward, Scotts statement said. The airport is located along Intracoastal Waterway, which is used for shipping and other maritime purposes most of the year. The waterway is normally open during the summer months, but it is closed most of the year due to shipping traffic. When the waterway is open, it draws a lot of shipping, commercial and residential, to a point near the airport entrance on South County Road. The waterway is a critical transportation route for shipping and other maritime purposes. In fact, the waterway provides Florida with 80 percent of its container shipping. 2 million containers would be in immediate need of unloading and moving to prevent a potential loss of supply of food and water. Another problem created by the impending sale of the airport would be the need to relocate the waterway operations as required by a waterway master plan adopted by the Marinelands Commission in 1998. Kallman, spokesman for the Marinelands Commission, the commission has no plans to move a single container. Kallman said container owners that have not already left the waterway and that wish to continue their business there, should find a new waterway through the county. Were going to stay here, he said. GateAir has already expressed confidence that it can maintain the airports existing operations. We are confident that the airport would be able to adapt to the anticipated operational changes that may accompany any possible redevelopment, said GateAir President David Hirsch.

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