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Re starting to get a little restless, your hunger is getting the best of you. The last thing you need is to be walking around like a skeleton. Then you hear a loud noise and a flash. You then hear one last noise before everything goes black. Ve always been a bit of a survivalist your whole life. Eating bugs is a surefire way to stay alive. Just another day of living in your fortress of solitude. Not to mention you got a lot of candy and chips from the vending machine you always used. Ll be able to return to your real world. Not when this damn heat is already killing you. Nothingness: EndsAs you might have seen on social media or in the news, a lot of people in the UK have just been arrested after protesting the governments policies. The reason for their protest was quite simple: theyre fed up with the governments plans to impose more austerity measures. The main targets of this austerity effort are supposed to be the benefits of low-income households, as well as the welfare state, but especially the welfare state of young, working-class people. You know the kind: they dont have children and are usually in their twenties and thirties. They used to be regarded as young, creative, and up-and-coming, but now it seems like theyre going to face financial struggles that will permanently change the trajectory of their lives, or the lives of their childrenHowever, because of the way the Labour Party is going to try to deal with this problem, i. By implementing some kind of tax increase the Conservative Party is now accusing them of being extremists and having a hidden agenda. During the recent UK General Election campaign, the Conservatives repeatedly accused the Left of wanting to destroy the.

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