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You look for an open view of the room so you can see who is here. You see a group of four people, some with a dark skin tone, others white, all with hair and facial features. Ve removed their glasses and are seeing a camera. You enter a conference room and see a bunch of people sitting at the conference table. A man with grey hair with a beard and an old man with beard and a goatee. You look over at the computer screen to make sure this really is the internet. T even know who all these people are. S why we have a wide range of personalities. The more personalities you get to know, the more comfortable youll be. I thought it was a group project, not an open invitation. T, were just getting you up to speed as far as the personalities are concerned. Re getting you up to speed, but our current purpose is to find a replacement for Princess Zelda, the current Princess is about to die in the upcoming conflict and we want someone who can represent their country well and who can help us win the war. Re looking for somebody who can help keep everybody happy.

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