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The new store is also one of the largest in the brands 26-year history. The new store is a much bigger space than weve used in the past, says Robyn. We decided to build out a larger display location for our skincare products, which means therell be products throughout the building that make them easier to find. The new location also boasts a new washroom for Robyns beauty team. We really wanted to make sure our team had all the tools they need, and we wanted to make sure these facilities were open to the public. We wanted to make our shop accessible for everyone, she says. So, were really excited to be able to offer washrooms for all the ladies in our shop. If this store is any indication of what to expect in the spring, Aprils brand campaign should be a hit, as usual. With our April 15 campaign, we have some amazing, big, bold ideas. This season weve really put a big emphasis on celebrating the strength of women, Robyn says. The shirts are being introduced this season and theyre great. In fact, theyre a big hit with our customers who love wearing them. I cant wait for them to see them on the runway. The May 17 Campaign will showcase the strength of women. We think its the time when we do a campaign that celebrates the strength of women, when the beauty industry is starting to embrace strong, vibrant women, which makes our clients feel powerful, says Robyn. Something our clients and our community really want. You will surely see more of those designs in the springsummer 2017 collections, which will be unveiled in May. We feel like were at a critical time in the evolution of the beauty industry and beauty brands. It seems as if there is less differentiation, less brand identity and what we do isnt as strong as it should be. We feel the best way to position ourselves, and to position our clients, is to continue to be a brand that inspires, that inspires the women we work with, and inspires the women who are looking for the products and services were providing. For the spring, look for Robyns new skincare line, which the brand refers to as the Mana Energy line. Were excited to introduce this line of products, Robyn explains. One thing thats different is that were focusing more on skinc.

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