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We make those and weve got a better price. When you buy it, youre supporting our company. When youre actually living the high life, you dont care what price you pay for beauty products. You buy something else insteadYoure trying to figure out if that is something you want to buy, but, you arent able to make a decision, but, you can tell the manager that you want to buy something else. The manager looks a bit surprised, but, he doesnt mind if you decide to buy something else. Since you dont have anything else to do, you spend a couple minutes looking at the products and the prices of them, before you decide that what they are listing is probably what they would be able to sell for. After looking at everything, you eventually decide that you just want something cheap and you decide that you are going to buy the cheapest product there. You spend a small amount of money, but, your purchase still costs you a little more than you planned. A middle aged man with a long black beard approaches you, and notices that you are buying something cheaper than what they are listed. He doesnt say anything, but, you notice that he is checking the prices of other items by looking over you. Im buying a cheaper version of this, You reply. You say Yeah, I heard that I could buy something cheaper than this. Yeah, I heard that I could buy something cheaper than this. If I had known this was going to be cheaper, I probably wouldnt have spent as much time looking. Hold on, kid, Im not doing anything bad by you. I just want to try to make something like this better for you. I cant do much, but, Im going to try. Please, just try and find something thats actually good. You end up buying a few cheap items to try and compare the products.

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