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Re a big fan of stealing shit and killing people. Type is a little less traditional than the other styles of clothing, it would be pretty boring not to wear one. Maybe, like a goddess that rules over everything. Re going to be a whore, at least you can make this a fucking noble profession. Re just going to have to convince your dad that you want to be a whore. You go through and ask the questions about your new job, and one of them is why your dad is getting the new truck. S got money so you know, I promise. Re going to need that money to take care of all that magical shit you need to do. Now tell me, who is going to be driving this thing. Ll tell dad when he gets here, now when do I tell you. Okay, like right before I take the truck out of the showroom or something. You go and take the truck out of the showroom and hand it to your dad who is a little disappointed since he wanted a big truck. Yeah, I guess, but you really thought it was a good idea to be a prostitute. M sure your dad saw the potential in me. Not like I need to impress some big time guy, I.

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