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The center, which represents 10,000 workers at the University of California, was taken over by the Teamsters union in 2000, after it won a contract from the university. After the Teamsters union lost its contract with the university last November, its workers refused to return to work. AMY GOODMAN: The workers at the Center are teachers and other UC employees. Under a federal law known as the Davis-Bacon Act, all public businesses that receive federal contracts must pay prevailing wages to workers who receive government aid or benefits. The Davis-Bacon Act was designed to provide a level playing field for workers. According to the law, all other things being equal, if one business pays low wages to its employees, then every other business in the state that gets federal business should also do the same. But workers at the Center say the university is not paying prevailing wages. For more, we go directly to Davis, California, where were joined by Cesar Vargas, a graduate student at UC, who joined the Centers staff four years ago to support his wife and two small children while he attended graduate school. The Center is now shut down, and the workers who were at the center are also facing eviction. Can you talk about the legal decision, the final decision that shut down the Center, and what it means for the center and a lot of the Central Valley, the state. CESAR VARGAS: Well, I think its great, and its very important that people know that the Center was there to support workers and their families. Were working in all of UCs campuses; were supporting food service workers in the dining halls. LEZ: Well, were joined by a worker at the Center, whos also an organizer with United Nurses of California. CESAR VARGAS: Well, this is a tremendous victory for workers. Its very important that people understand that theres been a lot of attacks on public-sector jobs and public.

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