Prince William is deeply frustrated that The Crown filmed outside the BBC

The Crown’s Season 5 will not premiere until November 2022. That means for the next eleven months, we are going to hear endless whining from Clarence House and Kensington Palace (Prince Charles and Prince William respectively) about how “frustrated” and “enraged” they are about this or that storyline being featured on The Crown. Charles’s careful, decades-long image-making and PR has been severely damaged by ten hours of prestige Netflix programming. As for William… the fact that Season 5 has a major storyline involving Diana’s BBC-Panorama interview is a big problem for him, especially given that earlier this year, he called his mother a delusional liar. Throughout all of the complaining and whining, The Crown has continued to film in high-profile locations across the UK. Locations like… the parking lot outside the BBC. LMAO. So we’re being treated to another “William is so mad/frustrated” story:

Prince William was today said to be frustrated that the BBC has been helping Netflix ‘commercialise’ his late mother Princess Diana’s Panorama interview for The Crown. The Duke of Cambridge is understood to be disappointed that broadcasters are still making money from her bombshell chat with Martin Bashir on the BBC in 1995.

Producers were spotted outside the BBC’s offices at New Broadcasting House in London filming a scene portraying events that followed the interview. Actor Richard Cordery, 71 – playing Marmaduke Hussey, then chairman of the BBC’s board of governors – was seen getting out of a car and walking into the building. The scene is said to have recreated when Lord Hussey arrived amid the fall-out from the programme in which Diana said: ‘There were three of us in this marriage.’ MailOnline understands the filming consisted of a single shot of him walking into the building and then back out again – but nothing further inside.

The filming took place six months after a report by Lord Dyson concluded the BBC covered up ‘deceitful behaviour’ used by Mr Bashir to secure the interview. The BBC and Mr Bashir both apologised, and the BBC wrote to Princes William and Harry. The report led to a call from William for the interview never to be aired again.

Kensington Palace declined to comment but William is believed to be standing by his previous statement following the Dyson report, when he said: ‘It is my firm view that this Panorama programme holds no legitimacy and should never be aired again. It effectively established a false narrative which, for over a quarter of a century, has been commercialised by the BBC and others. This settled narrative now needs to be addressed by the BBC and anyone else who has written or intends to write about these events.’

The Daily Telegraph reported today that William was ‘understood to remain deeply frustrated that broadcasters continue to make money from the interview’.

A TV source told The Sun earlier this week: ‘It’s unbelievable that in the middle of a major fight with William and the Royal Family over its documentary, the BBC would allow Netflix to film on their property. The BBC and Netflix are joining forces to do the one thing William doesn’t want — dramatising the Panorama interview which is a part of his life he has said he does not wish to revisit.’

[From The Daily Mail]

The Crown rented out part of Kensington Gardens and now they rented the BBC’s parking lot?? Hilarious. I continue to enjoy how unbothered The Crown’s producers are about all of the royal pressure being exerted. The royals are big mad that they don’t have anything to hold over Netflix, that Netflix can’t be threatened or bargained with like the BBC or even ITV. I assume that we’re probably due for another reminder that the royals think that they can “sue” Netflix because of The Crown as well, which still sounds like a pretty empty threat. As for William’s specific complaint about the BBC “commercializing” his mother’s interview… all they did was rent out the parking lot! For the love of god.

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