Prince Harrys One-Time Lover Recounts His Wild Party With Girls

The older woman who took the Duke of Sussex’s virginity talks about the royal’s ‘pretty wild’ nights out and the basement ‘den’ Harry had with Prince William.

AceShowbizSasha Walpole says Prince Harry kissed several girls in a saucy game of spin-the-bottle during a night out. Opening up about her friendship with the royal after he revealed she took his virginity in a field behind The Vine Tree pub in Norton, Wiltshire back in 2001, the former horse groomer claims nights out at the boozer would often get pretty wild.

“I remember at the Vine Tree we played spin-the-bottle. The dares would be things like having to kiss someone. It was teenage stuff. Harry kissed a couple of people but I avoided that because it was a bit awkward as I think he quite liked a friend, Emma Lippiatt,” she explained to The Sun newspaper.

Sasha also described having “lock-ins” at another pub where the group would go to watch bands play while she was also invited for afterparties at King Charles‘ Highgrove home where Harry and his brother Prince William had a basement room they dubbed Club H.

She said, “Probably we would have been out in the pub then we’d have an afterparty down there. There were beanbags, a dartboard, more music. It was like a den. I went there a couple of times, around that same time in 2001.”

Sasha added Harry used to drink bottles of Sol or Corona but wasn’t able to buy his own beers because he was under the legal drinking age at the time. However, she insists she never Harry “really drunk” or “falling over.”

Sasha added, “We’d all buy each other drinks but I can’t ever remember them going up to the bar. Harry was underage too, we all knew his age, so fake ID would not have worked.”

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