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The fact that people actually liked the post and many of you did was enough to motivate you to post the results on Reddit so that they could be seen. You did this, and thats when it started to get interesting, but not for the reasons that you envisioned. You could feel the negative energy coming off of the other post you made as soon as you logged on. It was only a couple hours later that you realized that you werent alone and this wasnt a game. You logged on to another Reddit group that was being posted on. Thats when you saw the first shadow coming through, and that was when you realized you werent the only one. You logged on after that and saw a massive shadow army that was attacking the island. You had to do something before they wiped you out completely. The next chapter of your story begins now. You decide to do something that you never thought you were capable of, but you knew was going to be necessary. You called a meeting at the school cafeteria and had everyone gathered there. You had to address the group face to face and gave them a short explanation for what was going on. When you told them that it was time to go on, everyone didnt just react with horror like you had expected, they had an overwhelming amount of support for going on. In the beginning of September, you led a group of about twenty friends on Facebook. You figured that the group would be small enough to make it worth your time to get to know everyone more before you called a meeting. You had just gotten the group together, when you had to address them about the event. You did a good job of explaining the circumstances of your previous adventure and how it was all a test that you had passed. You talked about your friendship with Anna and how it was the reason why you were able to do the things that you did. You also told them that she was the only one that understood you and that whatever you decide to do, youll be able to do it together. You thought about it, but you dont know about the rest of the group, but they seemed to be looking forward to what you planned to do and you knew that you needed to address everyone again so that you could get your message across. You were also worried about how you were going to do it now. Are the citizens taking the news of the beastmen threat in stride. You meet at the schoolSince the group was mostly made up of friends from different schools, there was the thought of meeting at one the schools was pretty much the first thing on everyones minds. You were a bit worried about how it would go, but you still agreed to meet up there.

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