Prince Charles & Prince Harry Back On Speaking Terms – You Won't Believe What's Bringing Them Together!

Could the Royal Family rift finally be mending?

Prince Harry has been on the outs with most of his family back home in Britain, but the primary feud exists between him and his brother Prince William — and of course with their father. Prince Charles in particular caught a lot of heat during the Oprah tell-all, when Harry admitted he was no longer on speaking terms with his dad. Since then, a new book also claimed that Charles was the one who questioned the color of Archie’s skin tone before he was born. If that’s true, that explains a lot of the animosity!

Despite all that bad blood, a royal insider suggested to Page Six that things may be looking up for the estranged father-son relationship. The source revealed:

“Charles was hugely hurt when Harry and Meghan just dumped it on the family they were giving up their roles and moving abroad. I don’t think talked for a good while, but now the channels of communication are open.”

The channels of communication are open? That’s fantastic news!

However, they added:

“I don’t think it’s all roses. It’s not like they are sitting down for a heart-to-heart on the phone once a week.”

Well, nothing wrong with taking it slow, right?

For the record, the future King of England has denounced the “skin tone” claim in Brothers And Wives: Inside The Private Lives of William, Kate, Harry and Meghan as “fiction.” Another insider observed that the bombshell book has, ironically, brought the family together in a way. They told the New York Post:

​​”I think people, on both sides of the Atlantic, in the family are united in agreeing they don’t want to give this book any more oxygen.”

However, author Christopher Andersen has stuck by his reporting. During an interview with Today, he insisted that the 73-year-old was indeed the one to make the comment, but was only wondering “what future grandchildren might look like” in a “very benign way.”

In fact, Andersen proposed that it was neither Harry nor Charles’ fault that the whole story got so twisted. He said:

“ was turned into something very toxic. It was weaponized, really, by the men in gray who run the palace organization.”

The writer explained that the Royal Family is divided into political factions that have fueled the feuding:

“And they’re all in competition behind the scenes, and constantly pulling the rug out from each other and constantly leaking information. And so it’s a very toxic environment. Somebody has described them as a nest of vipers, and I don’t think that’s really wrong.”

Well, when you put it that way, it makes all the more sense why Harry escaped to America! Maybe having a cordial long distance relationship with his dad is the best thing for both of them. Hopefully they can continue to heal their rift from afar.

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