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D does not mean, Dominican Blow Out. Then, if you want to get your head popped open like a watermelon, youll be able to get your head pop off to a place that specializes in that kind of thing. Im sure youll have more success if youre brave enough to try if the first name that comes to mind. NameWhy yes, I think were making progress. Well, if that name is so simple, what else is there. Something more descriptive of what kind of place were going to. D-Dorm and Bar and Lounge, with the bar and more casual with the bedroom. D, Caribbean, Blow Out, Blow Job, and. Ill draw the fucking map of the place and you give me the fucking names. Im sorry, but we have to be prepared for the worst, so we cant just have the name be, The Sultry Sirens Saloon.

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