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Ve listened to thatonegirlNow when you get to work you go to the bar. You start to say before the bouncer grabs you and drags you out of the club. You are in complete shock and the sight of the hooded figures pull a knife on you. You feel a sharp pain go through your back as they start to hack at your body. When you eventually stop feeling the pain from your back, you see your hands being tied behind your back and a hood placed over your head. Your head is slammed against a nearby building, breaking several bones in your face and smashing your front teeth. As you lay on the ground caking all the blood and brain matter in your mouth, your body is assaulted by a combination of kicks and punches. You scream out and wail in agony as a few of your hair are pulled out. You feel a pair of blackened boot to your head on your way to the ground, and it sounds like a chainsaw being run over you. You whisper when you are brought back to life. T think you were expecting that at all. So when did you come through the rift. I came through pretty quick considering I was in pretty bad shape when I got here. And when you tell her about your experience, she seems a little surprised.

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