Prayers Up for Rapper Chris Sails as He’s Reportedly Hit by Drunk Driver

Social media users are praying for the YouTube star’s safety after his friend Jordan Lacey posts on Instagram that he heard about the accident, though he knows very little about it.

AceShowbiz -Prayers are sent for rapper Chris Sails after reports emerged that he got involved in a car accident. It’s his friend Jordan Lacey who broke the news of the alleged incident that may harm the YouTube star, though he knows very little about it.

“If anybody got any info on my brother DM now please I got a call that he got hit by a drunk driver,” Jordan posted on his Instagram page along with a selfie of him and Chris. “I’m trying to find out more info hope you good brother pull through.”

He repeated the info and his plea on Instagram Stories, writing, “I got a call that my big brother Chris was hit by a drunk driver if anybody got any info dm me pull through bro I love you.”

Chris’ brother Dawaine Sails reposted Jordan’s Instagram Story post on his own account and told his followers, “I’ll keep y’all updated.” He also took over his brother’s personal account to ask for info about his brother’s condition and whereabouts.

“This Chris lil bro ! If anybody hear from my brother dm me ! He was in a car crash and he not answering the phone! Please keep him in prayers !!!” so Dawaine wrote over a plain black background. He added in the caption, “Already called police and hospitals !! Dm me if you hear from him @dawainesails.”

Fans have since expressed their concern for Chris, with one responding to the news, “Hoping hes okay.” Another had a similar wish, “I Hope Chris good.” Someone else offered his/her “Prayers to Chris,” while another remarked, “This His 2nd Car Accident I Hope Hes Okay Damn.”

Not everyone, however, has the same sympathy. Some others are not convinced that Chris has been involved in a car accident, considering how he often pulled a prank for his YouTube channel. “Y’all forever faking sum sht nobody believe y’all if sum real. Cause now idgaf,” a skeptical user wrote.

“This is for clout lies,” another accused. One person similarly claimed, “Chris said fake like I got hit by a car so I can get baby cj back bunch of bs.” Someone warned others, “This a whole damn lie. Don’t fall for it.”

“if anybody believe any ounce of this dumb asf if my friend brother was hit by a truck social media would be the last f**king person to know it .. cause the police would first,” one other person explained why Jordan and Dawaine’s claims smell fishy.

“I don’t believe a word that comes out of any of their mouths. IF this is true, then I hope he is okay,” another dubious person responded. Someone else, meanwhile, blasted those who made fun of Chris’ alleged accident, writing, “Although I dislike him, I will definitely pray for him because he has a son and maybe one otw that still looks up to him . And to the ones who’s making jokes bout this , KARMA is real.”

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