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You vote NoYou decide that this isnt the thing for you. You say that you want to watch a video. I dont want to listen to any more music, but I will watch a video. I dont know any video or any music to watch, so I will choose one. Its not that bad of a video, but you should choose something to listen to besides the video to relax to. Okay, youve made your choice, I appreciate it. You close the app, which takes you back to your home screen. You see Pranava sitting in an empty chair that was in your living room when you first woke up. She seems to be watching you as you stare at the video on your phone. You continue to watch the video, as it eventually ends and ends up being a very relaxing movie. It is very peaceful, and you fall into a deep sleep at the beginning of it. But as you continue to watch the movie, you notice that the video has changed. In fact, it seems like the video has been replaced by a video of you and Pranava. Just as you see this, you hear a voice come from the video. Did you do something really bad. But were not supposed to show you this. I know youre happy that you can express yourself through your art, and thats amazing. But you need to not show that to the public. The video ends and Pranava stands up from her chair and looks at you. You never seem that enthusiastic about movies to say the least. You say No, but I want to watch another video. You say that you want to watch another video, and she tells you that one of your videos has been replaced by a video of yours. You have something you want to show me. Why would someone show me their video.

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