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Beautiful Hair, Beautiful Loss, Beautiful Fatigue, Beautiful Shame, Beautiful Shirt, Beautiful Fatigue. Body Fatigue, Body Disease, Body Warts, Body Tuberculosis. A beautiful young woman wearing the most stylish apparel. Her fine skin becomes paler and paler as she approaches her final destination, until her flesh completely becomes translucent and white. Her eyes are all that remain; they stare at you as she descends your staircase, disappearing. While you have no doubt that the Beauty Spell will help to enhance your appearance and make you appear to be a far more attractive woman, it will not make you appear any skinnier. You think you understand, but that must have been the last of the library books. Maybe it was the last of the pictures of these people in their natural state. You look at the picture of these strange people. They seem to wear something different from the other people in the photograph. Some of these people are smiling, but they all have expressions that are serious. A slight frown makes its debut on one of the women. The expression is not because she did something wrong, but rather because of the fact that things are not going exactly the way she expected them to. There is no sign of discontent on this womans face. You have heard of her, but never viewed her image. It seems like the woman is still smiling though. Could it be that she has managed to avoid any unpleasant incident and you have seen her a once in a lifetime opportunity. You realize, that you have never seen an image of a woman wearing that particular color. It seems like the time has come to take that dress and wear it. It will appear to your friends that you have a great deal more on your mind. It will appear to your friends that you have a great deal more on your.

Article about Beauty spells