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You dont want to think that others see you as less than that. Report PostRent this movieWith little education and a strong work ethic, this man is determined to become successful and win the heart of the beautiful Eliza. Soon Eliza has grown tired of living with him and decides to find a better man for her. The following is excerpted from The New Republic, SeptemberOctober 1999One of the most important of the new groups to emerge from the Bush years is Concerned Women for America, the new conservative Christian lobby that sprang up on the right after the Clinton-era Christian right imploded. In October, Concerned Women for America will hold its third annual summit, bringing together over a thousand conservative Christians for a week of prayer and teaching in Oklahoma City. These gatherings, in which the head of CWA, Penny Nance, helps to organize panels, symposiums, and speakers, have become increasingly prominent in the post-Bush era and have provided opportunities for conservatives to try to turn things around in the public eye. The strategy, which relies heavily on the influence of conservative Christian groups and on CWAs efforts to build a national network, is an attempt to create a permanent political apparatus that can mobilize the Christian right vote in the years ahead. Its been a long time coming, but the Religious Right has finally found a new home. Many of the old leaders who have served in positions of influence in the past have moved on, either to other institutions or even out of politics altogether. And Nance, now president of Concerned Women for America. The young evangelical leaders have been working for years, but so have the old guard. But Nance, who was born in 1957 and attended evangelical churches in her youth, believes that the Christian right is in a critical position now, one that could make or break the entire movement. For her, it is about time to break away from the old guard, bring in new blood, and take back the movement as the one true way. How exactly she hopes to do that is more complex and contentious. In the summer of 1998, I sat down with her and took her on a journey that would re-create the Religious Right as we knew it decades earlier. The result was the book The Post-Christian Nation: The Bible, Homosexuality, and Our Future, first published in 2001. In this excerpt, we focus on the Religious Rights internal divisions. As part of that effort I wanted to see where the traditional Christian right went wrong in the.

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