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A Picture of a Beauty is a 2012 South Korean romantic drama drama drama of South Korean dramas, written by Yeon-ae Kim and produced by the KBS and MBC television networks. It is based on a story by Jung-myeong Kee and written by Jang-Ho Bae and Jung-ah Shin and stars Ye-Ae Song, Im Siwan, Soo-Hyun, and Yeo-Jin Kwon. Im sorry for what you mustve gone through at the hands of the Joker. Its only natural they were going to try and break you. You dont have any other relatives in the city like you have now. Your mother died two years ago when your fathers luck ran out. Your grandmother passed away in her sleep the day after your father died of his injuries. That was the day she passed out and they buried him the same way they left him. You were left alone to carry on the legacy of your father and grandfather. You didnt realize how much you owed them until that fateful day, where you discovered you didnt. When you turned sixteen, you found a job as a night watchman at a tavern. Its there, that you found something you never wouldve expected. Someone you could really call a friend. Youve been going over the notes you took from the Joker and he didnt say a lot, he just mentioned his name. Someone like you, so someone you could go back home to, to get away from the whole ordeal. He said, he never meant to hurt you. That all changed a week later when he started acting strange around you. He said he was going to break you out. He explained that the Joker has powers like his, but hed only spare you if you aided him in his task. He said he could help you with that. You agreed to help the Joker, who, as he said it was his will to see you succeed in your task. You went back home and met your grandmothers killer. That was a dark day, a day you wont forget anytime soon. The Joker made up to you and told you about his deal that night. He said with his help, he was going to help you escape, but he could help you, if you helped him with his other task.

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