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TwitterAs I noted yesterday, in the meantime, the New Yorkers Jonathan Chait has posted a piece in which he goes on a rampage against the very idea of a rape epidemic that he so frequently parrots. A hard time accepting the idea that rape cases are in any way increasing, despite the fact that we are witnessing a wave of high-profile cases in which the accused is a well-known celebrity. One wonders if were witnessing a public relations campaign by the accused to deflect attention from stories that are less than kind to him. And we are seeing a rush toward more promiscuity and more women having sex without being married to each other. We may even be reaching a point where consensual non-consent can be a crime and we are seeing such cases more and more. I have to say, I see Chait a bit differently than I used to. In the heyday of the rape culture, Chait was on my side. He seemed to be living in a sexual utopia so far removed from my own that he was a breath of fresh air. Hes just unconvinced by the idea that theres a rape epidemic. The only problem is that rape and sexual assault cases are never on the rise in the first place. In fact, studies show that the rate of rape, and sexual assault, is actually way down. Even among college-age women, the rate of rape has been falling for decades. He refuses to admit that the world has changed and that his world view has failed him in the process. He says he has a hard time accepting the idea that rape cases are not increasing, but he does nothing to actually prove that. Nor is he prepared to say that he no longer believes such a thing is true. He wants to believe whatever he wants to believe and is willing to lie and deceive as long as hes in the right. Its an important time to take a stand against Chait and those like him. He writes that he is worried that I want to talk about sexual assault without also talking about rape, because when I do that, I run the risk of seeming like Im just whining about one problem in the world. I have a serious point to make, and it would be a gross mischaracterization to characterize it as whining.

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