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With your face, chest, hands, feet, legs and everything else you can see and touch now covered in a thin film of pale blue goo, you start to feel like the beauty youre experiencing isnt all that beautiful after all. You feel like youre starting to get sick, but the nausea doesnt come until youre nearly at the center of the blue cloud which has settled in your mouth and has a few blue specks floating in your mouth. Everythings gonna be okay, Nancy says while you continue coughing and gagging. This goes on for about 5 minutes, when suddenly, nothing happens. What you didnt expect was a strong headache that starts in your middle and gradually makes its way up your back, into your skull, through your ears and then out your mouth. As you are lying on the couch you hear a loud noise outside. You are in the middle of your house so you assume it must be some sort of earthquake. Suddenly, the ground starts quaking and Nancy screams. The noise starts outside as soon as Nancy screams. You start crawling for the door, but as soon as you step outside, you are tackled by something that feels like pure terror. Nancy screams as well, but shes even more panicked now. You see a flash of light that appears to be a beam of white. You hear someone laughing and someone else shrieking in the distance. Suddenly, you hear an explosion outside and the ground starts shaking even more. You hear her get up off the couch. Whoa, whoa, slow down there honey. You feel a gentle breeze as the house slowly begins sinking into the hillside. The whole experience was extremely terrifying and you cant even begin to describe.

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