Police Hunt For Driver In SHOCKING Flying Tesla Viral Video!

What happens when you commit a crime, film it, and go mega-viral for it? Something tells us you get caught real quick.

If you saw that video of a Tesla flying through the air and crashing hard going around social media over the past 24 hours of so, then you’re witnessing the above scenario unfold in real time. The clip itself is shocking enough — check it out below if you haven’t seen it already:

Luckily — and shockingly — no one was hurt in this stunt. But not only did the Tesla make a real mess of this quiet residential street — crashing into garbage cans and flinging car parts everywhere — it actually hit and damaged another car! Resident Jordan Hook told the local ABC affiliate:

“When I got out here everybody had left and there was just an abandoned Tesla still turned on smashed into the back of my car. Neighbors immediately started showing me videos of several Teslas that came down the hill following the one that jumped and crashed and they piled out of that crash.”

Now, the LAPD is offering a $1,000 reward to anyone who provides information leading to “the offender’s identification, apprehension, and conviction or resolution through a civil compromise.” It shouldn’t be too hard to find the perpetrator, as the whole “Tesla drive” was coordinated by influencers who filmed the whole thing from start to finish.

In fact, the LAPD’s Central Traffic Division wrote on Twitter that they weren’t accepting any more tips about one particular TikTok user — who claimed he was behind the whole stunt in the first place:

BTW, that isn’t even really his “new Tesla” — the car was a RENTAL — and was abandoned at the scene.

Some background on the incident can be seen in a video posted by YouTuber Alex Choi, who claimed to have been the main organizer of the “Tesla drive.” In the video, Alex claimed a “random dude” wanted to show him “the place David Dobrik jumped his Tesla,” and then the driver did a jump of his own “without ANY warning.”

It seems like there was probably some warning because as you can see (below), there was a whole crowd of spectators filming the stunt on their phones:

Alex later returned to the scene of the crime to survey the damage, but only after he and the rest of the spectators (and the driver) “scattered.” Leaving Jordan to start a GoFundMe for his own damaged car…

Sadly, this seems like another case of influencer selfishness and stupidity. We assume it shouldn’t be too hard to bring the culprit to justice with all this evidence. But we wish people who film this kind of content would stop and think about the damage they’re doing before someone gets seriously hurt. These aren’t closed courses, someone could easily have been walking their dog, and that car clearly could NOT stop.

What consequences do YOU think the driver should face??

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