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You close your eyes and feel the warm liquid begin to fill your entire body. Your skin begins to feel smooth and soft and even more pleasant. Your lips begin to feel tingling and the smell of the strawberries fills your nose. You open your eyes and you are in the bedroom of the beautiful blonde lady who is leaning up against her dresser in the other room. She wears a beautiful dress and her whole appearance screams pretty. You are in a warm pool of liquid, and you are being so very pretty right now. You tell the lovely blonde lady that you are here to buy something. You take a deep breath and open your mouth to say,I am here to buy something, but could you please help me buy this. The lovely blonde lady slowly smiles in response and opens the door and lets you in. You slowly walk through and there lies a large closet filled with things to buy. Everything fits perfectly and there is nothing off in any way. You open a door and the aroma of roses fills your nostrils. You pick out three roses and place them in your hand. You walk out into the living room and look around. A couple of the tables are empty, but there is one table by the window that is not yet unused. You step forward and place your hand on the table and you are met by the soft sound of laughter. Hello there the blonde lady says, as you hear her chuckle. You grin and grab the one rose that the lovely blonde lady is holding from the table and toss it into your open palm. The lovely blonde woman takes the rose from you and places it back in her hand. Is all that comes out of your mouth as you quickly turn to run through the living room and out of the house. You attempt to get home by yourself, this would sure be easier if you had a truck. You slowly move along the sidewalk, and suddenly a loud noise hits you from behind. You turn and see a metal truck slamming into the back of you. It knocks you to the ground and slams you into the wall with a resounding sound. The truck continues to speed away from you, but not before you feel the impact in your body. You try your best to get up, but just like last time, you are completely unable to move your body. You are trapped down here and you will be stuck here until some sort of rescue vehicle or helicopter comes along. You are completely in shock as you stare out a window to your left and see something amazing.

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