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Well that is true and for all intents and purposes you two are twins. Okay so I better go make sure that the two of you are in this place. Um, you know we cant just leave you here. Hah, well how the hell, I mean come on you know we cant all be millionaires. Plus I think you should at least stay home and keep an eye on your sister too. Plus I mean youll be able to get some rest, I mean were almost there. Jessica says and then looks out the window at the cars ahead of you. I dunno, I just feel like itll be a good opportunity for a little sleep. She turns her head back towards you, which for a girl your age is unusual. Ill make sure the road is clear, you can spend the night over here or what do I know about hotels downtown do you want to stay there. The Shanti and the Woban House are my favorite hotels downtown. I dont like the Woban House though, they usually have the craziest people there and they get crazy sometimes on the weekend. Okay then, do you know of any places that are safe. I know there is a small, but nice, Chinese restaurant a couple of blocks away from the bridge that I used to frequent a couple of times as a kid. Me too, I used to frequent it when I was in junior high. Well, the only other places I can think of are the local bars or pubs. The local pubs have always had trouble and I havent exactly gotten along with most of them. Hmm, well then I guess its going to be either the Shanti or the Woban House. I still dont really want to sleep in a hotel, I mean I still have the house and why should I have to get a little sleep in a hotel.

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