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The song on the jukebox is called Hoochie Coochie Man. It was a song about a guy who liked to wear girls clothes and talk like a girl and was a girl. And when she walked in, he put his hands up to his cheeks to make a girl face. You say I like the songI like the song. You nod, looking at me, I look down at myself and nod. Newer ArchivePlease read the main Site Policy before posting. This FAQ is not affiliated with or endorsed by any gaming company, game studio, or publisher. Home Site Map Random Site List FAQ Contact Hold, 0, Find This Site Links Site MapThe US Navy is reportedly getting ready to send ships to the Mediterranean Sea in order to send a strong message of defiance to the Kremlin. A US official tells the Wall Street Journal that six warships are expected to travel to the Mediterranean within days. We are sending a clear message to the world that the United States of America stands behind our allies in NATO, the most successful military alliance in history, and will come to the aid of any ally that is attacked, the official said. The ships are all on their way from the Mediterranean and will arrive in the area by the end of the week. This is just one more demonstration of the United States Navys enduring commitment to security, prosperity, and freedom around the world, another official added. The move is believed to be a response to Russia building up its naval presence in the Mediterranean. Last week, Russian Naval Fleets Admiral Vladimir Kulakov told reporters that Russia would be responding to any aggressive moves by the United States. The ships are reportedly heading to the Mediterranean to send a message of defiance to Russia, but the White House has refused to comment on the move. We are not going to get into the specifics of our own capabilities in a region where we have not been involved militarily to say.

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