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Youve been on the Internet a lot over the last few days, and there are three things that you have learned. One, the Internet is one of the greatest sources of human interaction. Two, the Internet is not the greatest source of human interaction. Three, the Internet is not the greatest source of human interaction. Youve been here awhile; you cant remember the last time you got a good laugh reading something on the Internet. When you click on a random page on the Internet, youre more likely than not to be met with a blank screen with a black background, or youre presented with a pop-up window that seems too complicated for you to get through. On a good day, you can read something on the Web for five minutes and then you cant bear the thought of clicking through ever again. Youre not here to read the Internet, youre here to get the hell out of here. Your phone has become a very useful thing in the last few days, as youve found yourself wanting to send hundreds of emails to complete strangers you dont even know. Youve been trying to remember the last time you didnt do this. I dont want to see this video, you say to yourself. This sort of introspective behavior isnt one that is usually associated with you, but its something youve been thinking about a lot lately, and whats one more reason to get the hell out. If this is some sort of test, Im not going to lie. If I had accepted it right now, I wouldnt have had enough time to go to the hospital and get some treatment and thats the best chance Im going to have. Im going to die and Im not going to be able to go through with this and that is going to be a bitter sweet moment, because in a way youre just going to die and this is going to be over. Your tone is one that youve come to recognize from when you were writing these things in your journal.

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