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Tara and Kelly have belly buttons that are, indeed, the same. Kelly has already undergone two surgeries for her, but, as for Tara, she is aching for more. Tara was the one who suggested Kelly to get the operation done, saying she would like to see Taras new belly button as a way of getting a kick out of her. As for these two celebrities, they are both notorious for their drug and alcohol abuse. One of them, Ripa, is currently on a rehab program, and the other one, Kelly, is probably going into rehab. Its not surprising that, after they have successfully completed their rehabaddiction treatment, they would want to get back into their old drug habits. Youve been wondering about this, and even if you werent, these women would probably be more interested in you when you were in your drug andor alcohol-addled state. A couple of weeks pass and you keep getting calls from Tara Reid. She really doesnt ask much of you, but you get the impression that she is very nervous. After some months, she is finally able to see you and she is very excited. Unfortunately, she says that you are a little to distant and asks if you are going to be there for her when she does finally get out. You get a call at night from a very old friend of yours, a man named Hank Walker. A few months later, while you are on vacation, you get a call from Hank asking you if you would like to go with him to the morgue to view the body of his friend. He says he wants to give the coroner a piece of his mind about some things. You agree to go, but only to get some answers. You go to see the body aloneHank tells you that you had better come alone, because his friend was going to come there, but then it was his friends father who shot him in the back. Hank also mentions that at this time, he is also going to be very busy and he wont be able to get any answers from the coroner. And Hank doesnt offer any explanation for that either. The body is taken and placed in ice and the ice is then broken and the body is taken to your friends funeral home where it waits for pickup. When you arrive at the funeral home, you are informed by the owner that there is no corpse there, so the body will probably have to be cremated.

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