Piers Morgan rehashes old feud with Rihanna amid Super Bowl show

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Since Rihanna, 34, announced via social media that she will headline the show at the Super Bowl in 2023, fans have been going wild. The post, which included a photo of her tattooed arm clasping a football, with no words, instantly gained attention, receiving nearly 700,000 likes within the first 20 minutes. The term Rihanna also took the number one trending spot on Twitter in the UK.

The NFL also tweeted the big news with the same photo and the message: “Let’s GO-#SBLVII.”

Amongst those jumping on the news was broadcaster Piers Morgan, who took the opportunity to jest at the Diamonds singer by bringing up an old Twitter argument the pair were involved in.

To the confusion of many, Piers tweeted to his 7.9 million followers: “This will be brilliant.. so long as she gets her hair right. #SuperBowl.”

With some commenting that Piers’ tweet was “weird” and others asking: “What does this even mean?”. Some users clocked onto what the TalkTV host was getting to pretty quickly.

The star was referring back to a tweet Rihanna posted in September 2012, which involved Piers commenting that he thought Rihanna should grow her hair back longer after she cut it short.

In response to Piers’ comments, Rihanna tweeted to her now 106.5 million strong following: “@piersmorgan: ps I think @Rihanna needs to grow her hair back. Fast.’ grow a d**k….. FAST!!!!”

The savage comeback from the Grammy Award winning artist was met with laughter, with many making jokes about Rihanna “owning Piers”.

The tweet was even taken in jest by Piers himself, who took a punt and replied to the tweet.

He wrote: “This a good time to ask for an interview?”

Remarkably, Rihanna responded again to the former Good Morning Britain presenter, showing that the interaction between the pair of them was good humoured.

She replied: “@piersmorgan haaaa! Only if it’s not about cosmetics! But ph**k yea lets do it!!!!!!!!!”

Responding once again to her surprising eagerness to set up an interview, Piers wrote: “Excellent! I’ll supply a wig..”

The brief Twitter altercation provided many users with entertainment, and it was made clear that both the singer and the presenter didn’t take offence to either of their remarks.

Having had a history of interacting with Rihanna over social media in the past, Piers once again tried his luck with the latest announcement from the Barbadian born singer.

Rihanna’s hordes of fans, who didn’t understand the joke Piers was trying to make with his tweet, started to criticise the star in the comments.

One user @Lookwhatudid1 said: “That’s 100% a d*** comment.”

Meanwhile, on Rihanna’s post confirming her performance at the 2023 Super Bowl, fans were ecstatic.

The announcement came after the singer took a break from performing after giving birth to her son in May. She has since been hinting about releasing new music, but has put more focus on her Fenty makeup brand.

Originally offered the prestigious halftime gig in 2019, the superstar said she declined the invitation because of the way Colin Kaepernick had been treated.

Colin was a former San Francisco 49er who refused to stand for the US national anthem at the beginning of games to protest police brutality and racial inequality. The quarterback sued the NFL in November 2017, accusing team owners of collusion in not hiring him.

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