Piers Morgan fumes as people demand more draconian action against Will Smith than Putin

Will Smith's mother opens up on infamous Oscar slap

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Piers Morgan, 56, spoke out yesterday on Will Smith’s Oscars slap saying he was just “defending his girl”. The former Good Morning Britain presenter has taken to Twitter again today to say the bold statement that people are asking for more “draconian action” against Will than Vladimir Putin.


Piers Morgan

Piers took to Twitter early hours this morning to leave the very bold statement.

In view of his 7.9 million followers he said: “Fascinating to see many people on here furiously demanding more draconian action against Will Smith for slapping Chris Rock than they’ve demanded against Vladimir Putin for launching war against a whole country #Perspective.”

Many social media users rushed to the post’s comments to voice their opinion on Piers’ daring statement.

AClar16 said: “Er..no, not really. Nobody is advocating giving Javelin missiles to Chris Rock.” (sic)

PearcesVoice added: “Fascinating that you think they’re remotely related.”

Davis36_julie commented: “He should not have hit him, however why are people focusing on Will Smith’s face?

“Why are they not commenting on how Jada looked? It was obvious she was hurt.

“Why was it okay for Chris Rock to take the mick out of her health? Has Chris Rock apologised?”

In his column, published yesterday Piers admitted he wasn’t surprised that Will responded how he did to Chris’ comment.

The outspoken broadcaster was describing the moment he met Will.

“Before we started, [Will] warned me: ‘Don’t upset my wife, Mr Morgan, you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry,'” Piers recalled.

He continued: “And when Will Smith, who’d initially laughed at Rock’s routine, saw how upset his wife was by the comment, it stung him too. And he chose to defend her honour.”

Piers added: “He was standing up for his wife, the woman from whom he blew off the dust when she was going through a rough time, and said he was going to make shine, and created a safe space for her to get healthy and to grow and define herself.

The TV host added that while he “didn’t condone violence” it was “just a slap” – but that if Chris knew about Jada’s alopecia pain, he deserved it, he wrote in The Sun.

The altercation began when Chris said to Jada during his speech prior to awarding Best Documentary: “Jada, I love you. GI Jane 2, can’t wait to see you.”

He was referring to GI Jane, the Demi Moore film in which she had a shaved head.

Jada’s head is also now shaved due to her battle with alopecia, something she admitted was extremely difficult to deal with.

Will initially laughed at the comment, while Jada looked disappointed – but moments later, Will stood up and approached Chris on the stage, before appearing to slap his face.

Sitting back down in his chair, the Fresh Prince actor said: “Keep my wife’s name out your f***ing mouth.”

“Wow, Will Smith just smacked the s**t out of me,” said Chris, looking shocked.

Later on in the evening, Will won the Best Actor gong for his role as Richard Williams in King Richard.

He has since publicly apologised to the Academy as well as Chris Rock.

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