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The truth is, most of these celebrities dont know shit about the people that theyve donated to. I mean Id like to believe that theyre good people, but Im sure some of them did something that they regret. You refuse to do itIm not doing it, you say. See, I think the only reason why the other day I didnt give you anything is because I thought you were going to say No and then we wouldnt have talked anymore today, and I wouldnt have gotten anything, because youre just too nice sometimes. I dont want anything from you, you say. Yeah, you dont want anything from me. I can understand that, because I dont want anything from you either. And I want you to know, that I appreciate you being a nice guy today. Well, I like being told what to do, and you dont have to tell me. Im going to go grab something, I have to check my emails. The man is gone and you start to search your purse and backpack to look for the money you were going to give him, but its already too late. The man has already gone to grab a cab to go get him. As you sit there in a daze with your bag and purse by your side, tears start running down your face. There is nothing around you but the street and the dumpster. Suddenly, the back of the cab pulls up to the curb next to you. The driver waves you down and you get in the back of the cab. You dont like this, but like a good little cabbie doormat you give permission to drive off. You next time you see him, youll tell him that what you just saw is not okay. Youre afraid of how hell react to you seeing him doing this, so you figure you might as well tell him about the man you saw earlier. The cab driver pulls to the side of the road and there he is. The hell happened to you, you fucking asshole. I just thought you were one of those people that gives stuff to those in need. But youre going to stop doing that because what you just saw is not okay.

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