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Regards, MikeYou pick up the phone and see a man who sounds very excited to talk to you. Yeah, just picked one up, you answer. He then starts going on about how great Portland Oregon is. Of course, since you dont know much about Portland, you ask some follow up questions. Alright, so how much do you charge to work here. How much do you charge to be a private stylist at your salon. 25 bucks an hour, He says, starting to get a bit excited. No, its fine, I want to make a good living and this will give me another chance to do this. And I will be able to teach my students how to make the money to make a living, He says. You tell him youll talk more about it later, but for now you just want to get out of the city. Alright, I need to get back to my shop, but see you soon. Not wanting to spend too much money and not wanting to be in the city for too long, you decide to stay close to home and find a job. Two days later, you get a call from a number you dont recognize. The voice sounds a lot like your former boss, so you assume it must be him. I know youre busy right now, but can you come over here for a second. Hey, Ill be over in a second, You answer. He hangs up and you get a text from him. Well its five in the morning, but its after midnight here so Ill probably be there in a few minutes. How about you get some sleep before you have to go to work and I wont bother you for awhile. You cant imagine your old boss not bothering you for at least a few days. Still, you have to wonder if he will still be in contact with you. Your heart begins to pound when he mentions that you can get a job quickly. He just continues to put his phone on silent mode.

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