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S a little confusing, but you try to wrap your head around it. Re the celebrity that posts about vegan hot chocolate. You see two photos, both of Peat with a large mug of the stuff. T quite make it out enough to make out who Peat is looking at. The photo on the left just looks like someone took a bunch of Polaroids of a bunch of different people, and then just pasted them together. The photo on the right looks like a collage of the last pictures Peat took of his friend after he passed away. S friend was a young man who went by the name Mr. The last picture Peat took was of him at a party, holding a glass cup, which Peat was really upset when he found out that his friend had to die of complications due to a failed test of a new drug. S been posting a bunch of pictures that are just of Mr. X at different parties all over the world, with various amounts of alcohol and a variety of people in various states of intoxication. S more interesting than you think. Peat points to a box on the website and you see a small video in a folder labeled A LITTLE SOMETHING I JUST TOLD YA. T have the money to leave your shitty basement anymore.

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