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Youll admit, I never really tested the shampooconditioner combo. Ive been wanting to try it ever since I moved to this town. I mean, I love curly hair, but Ive never been a huge fan of using conditioner-y styling products, especially if theyre not the best they can be when it comes to my hair type. Plus, I really love the curly hair look that the shampooconditioner combo offers. I mean, Ive been told that my locks are like the new hair these days, and what better than more curls to add to my head. Plus, even if I dont like it, Ive always wanted to give it a try. So, I thought Id give it a try, but I was going to test it on my own hair before I share the results with you, but apparently I just screwed it all up. I mean, while Ive tried the shampooconditioner combo once and liked it, I have to say, I didnt expect it to make a difference on my hair as much as it did. I think I was a little too trusting of the brand and the packaging. Maybe I was a little too proud of my curls. My curls were like I had when I was a baby. Not long, but they were curly. Not thick, but they were curly. I dont think I was expecting it to make them any thicker, but I was expecting it to at least add color to my locks. I tried it out today on a pair of my old, very thick, naturally curly hair. They were thick as well, but a little less curly and a bit more like they had been straightened, which the conditioner certainly didnt do.

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