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The future is here, it is ours and it is your job to be part of it. One of the biggest obstacles in your current endeavor is the lack of a good way to store your items. I mean lets be honest, what do we really need those boxes and bags for. I mean there is always that one piece of jewelry that simply must be brought out once in a while, but then again thats what a pawnshop is for, right. The only real solution I can see for you is to make something like this. You make an organizer for your stuffOkay fine, but you need to really think about this. Hold ThingsThis thing will hold all of your books and magazines, and most likely a few of your coins and jewelry as well. Itll probably also hold all of your food and water. The organizer might be made from some sort of durable plastic and look a lot like a small briefcase, but its still going to be heavy. You make a shelfWell now this is a possibility, the organizer could either go on the top shelf or the bottom shelf. Its going to be heavy to have it on the bottom, but it will make it easier to access your things in case you need them quickly. You make a safeThis might be the only thing that I can see you liking. Its going to be easy to access your valuables, since there will be a clear compartment on the right. You make a safeThe first issue with this idea is youre going to be putting a lot of weight on your hands, and you wouldnt have those handy for whatever else youre going to do. You make a pocket for your walletThis is basically the same idea except youll be storing your wallet in it. This is basically the same idea except youll be storing your wallet in it. This is the first idea I could see you liking. You make a safeNow this isnt the easiest idea to do since it has so many moving parts, but if all you have to do it to be able to access your valuables, then what need are there for other things. You make a pocket for your moneyThis is basically the same idea, but youll be putting all of your money in one place. You make a safeThe next idea that I think youll like the most.

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