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You: Where Is This Boston, You Might As Well Go ToYou are getting bored trying to figure out where this Boston is, so you decide to leave. You: Fuck it, you decide, lets go somewhere else. Jack: Great, he turns and leaves, you cant remember why he was so sad, you do remember him being super happy the last time you saw him. S not a big crowd, but there are already a few people walking towards the store, walking in the direction of it. You pick one of the most pedestrian shops nearby, a small clothing store. M not going to the same place twice. T really mean to go and I already spent too much time searching already, you say, walking out of the store as if nothing happened. He doesnt even acknowledge your existence. You walk through the quiet streets, thinking about the fact that you have already spent too much time searching. If only you had just stuck to the main streets, you could have narrowed it down even more. Ve taken, but you got distracted by Boston Pride. T Use HIV As An ExcuseYou are going to a Boston Pride event, you decide to go there. You go to a Boston PrideYou decide to go to a Boston Pride event at a small local gay bar. You head to the LGBT barYou head to the LGBT bar, as they have the most customers. They have the fewest security people though, so that might be a problem. However, you manage to get in the bar before you realize it opens up, with a long line ahead of you. You order a pitcher of water and sit down in a booth, before realizing you are supposed to pay for it. You immediately get up to start paying for the pitcher. You get out of the LGBT bar You ignore the guy and quickly leave the LGBT bar, taking the pitcher with you with you. You quickly get back to the parking lot where you.

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