People have labeled Fox as both a borderline and histrionic personality…

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People are just better at recognizing them when they see them on someone else person who is not able to perceive them. Re going to have to be careful in future to avoid hurting the kids. The Doctor leaves and you watch as he walks into a nearby building. M sure the boys did a good job of distracting you. You hear a voice say from the TV screen as you turn it off. You begin to worry for a moment and turn your attention to the TV screen. S not showing anything on right now. You get up and put on your own TV. Ve happened to your wife on the news or something. Ve been kidnapped, what the hell are you doing on TV. Well I can, but maybe I should be thanking you. Ve managed to protect me from possible harm and your own family has been a lot better to me than they have been to you. T come in here with your stupid ass, I could be going with no problem right now. T see anything funny about you telling me all this, you know how bad things are going to be. I just thought maybe for you it would be fun.

Article about Celebrities with histrionic personality disorder